Aerobatic practice runs on May 26, 2000, prior to airshow at Millville Army Airport Museum at Millville, NJ Airport:

The day before the airshow was clear and beautiful; the show was to run 2 days, Saturday May 27 & Sunday the 28th.  Most of the Saturday show's events, including a Stealth fighter fly-by, were rained out. So we were really lucky to see these practice runs the day before.  We're told that Sunday was better, but we couldn't make it.
Russian-Czech made YAK controlled spiral  A Russian-Czech YAK-55 does an inverted spin;  the smoke comes from a special generator used for displays at airshows. The pilot, Drew Hurley, did a total of 16 spirals in this maneuver.

YAK Here's the YAK-55

steep bank  Another plane does a practice run...

on the ground ...and lands

See aircraft pictures from May 27th's show:

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