Cowtown Opening Flag Ceremony

2012 is the 58th Anniversary Season of the Saturday Night Cowtown Rodeo!

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Cowtown Rodeo: the real thing--and it's in Southern New Jersey!
Cowtown Rodeo is the longest running regular (May through September) Saturday night rodeo in the entire United States! Cowtown Rodeo was started in 1929, became a regular Saturday night feature in 1955, and is still owned and run by the Harris family. Cowtown is very much at home in this rural area, where you see miles of farmland and open fields, yet the Philadelphia and Wilmington metropolitan areas are only 15 minutes away!
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 Families, excitement,
crowds, warm peanuts, and...
it's Saturday night in Cowtown!
cowtown croudCowtown Saturday Evening Crowd-click on picture to enlarge
Cowtown is a Family kind of place. So you've never been to a rodeo? Doesn't matter! You don't own a cowboy hat, and think you wouldn't fit in? Forget about it! You're going to feel right at home here, because this is a family atmosphere. You see a lot of moms, dads, kids and grandparents. Everyone seems to know each other, yet the stranger feels welcomed, too. It's kind of like coming home, even if you've never been here before. Cowtown is more than just the excitement of the performers. There's something very reassuring and heartwarming about participating (by being there) in this most American of activities. You owe it to yourself and your family to give Cowtown Rodeo a try!

There are lots of things to eat at Cowtown Rodeo, but our personal favorite is the warm peanuts! Just follow your nose to the delicious smell from the roasted peanut stand. These delicious goobers are fondly remembered from a cool, rainy September night last year. Heck, they're great on a warm night, too! Cowtown Rodeo runs from May through September.

Grant HarrisGrant Harris, owner of Cowtown; click to enlarge picture

Cowtown After Hours:the show begins 7:30 on Saturday night and runs 'til about 10 PM. When the show ends, most of the audience goes home. But there's still one more show left, and all you have to do is stay and watch! Because there are more contestants than there is time for the regular show, there is a drawing to see who gets to perform in the first show. This means that a national champion contestant may be performing in the second show. Therefore, if you stay to watch the second show, you get to see the same high caliber of performance.

And, if you stay til the very end, it's neat to watch the performing horses, Brahma bulls and calves being guided through a tunnel underneath the street, which takes them back to their quiet fields and a well-earned rest.

Sounds on .WAV files

Our National Anthem with bovine accompaniment! The Star Spangled Banner is sung when the rodeo starts at 7:30 on Saturday night. One night we recorded it, and it sounds like the cows are trying to sing along!

Directions to Cowtown, showtime and prices
Cowtown Events
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Cowtown Country
Cowtown Horses

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See Cowtown Rodeo on the Video "Great Places in South Jersey"
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