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Cowtown Country: Salem & Cumberland County countryside: oasis in a busy world

 Could this be New Jersey?
These peaceful scenes typify the wide-open spaces to be found in Salem County and parts of Cumberland County.
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 picture: pastoral scene Rodeo performers at rest
If you want to see what rural America looked like 50-75 years ago, hop in your car and drive around Pilesgrove, Pittsgrove, Upper Pittsgrove, and Upper Deerfield Townships, through the hamlets of Woodstown, Daretown, Shirley, Palatine, Brotmanville, Pole Tavern and Yorktown. It's a great respite from the usual mass-produced housing and the shopping malls of the present day!
What you see when you drive the back roads of Cumberland and Salem Counties in South Jersey:
double arrow, tree, sky road and woods farm churchyard
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